Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Well, all the traveling, unwrapping, eating and spending time together is done.  Over.  History.  It's kind of bittersweet. 

I am so ready to get back into a normal routine... BUT...

I had such an amazing time this Christmas.  Limited myself to just one party.  And it was amazing!  Did all the traveling myself, therefore the grandkids all got to be home for Christmas morning.  I'm actually loving this new "tradition".  With a good book (Stephen King's 11-22-63) plugged into my iPhone and no bad weather, I enjoyed the quiet time of my Loaded to the brim car.

And now, I'm ready to bring in the New Year with a couple of close friends, scrapbooking the weekend away!

Gotta work today and tomorrow and then a 4 day weekend off!  It's going to be hard going back to a 5 day work week!!!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Shopping DONE!

Well, the last of the Christmas packages arrived by UPS last night!  Now, all I have to do is find a replacement for David's golf shoes that won't be coming!!!  DANG!  BUT, I do know what I'm getting, so that's not a big deal.  SO, I can officially declare myself DONE!!! 

Had a great dinner at Springfield Brewing Company with Lavon and Michelle to celebrate Vickie's birthday last night!  We laughed and ate and hung out til they ran us out!  We so enjoy each others' company.  And we planned January and February!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Family Christmas Celebration #1

Today was the Lewis Family Christmas celebration!  We had a nice crowd and WAY too much food!  Stacy and David and Brenden and Trella came down yesterday.  Stacy and David went out to dinner with some friends last night and Judy and took Brenden, Trella and Wil to CiCi's for pizza and then out for frozen yogurt afterwards.  Then, we ended the night going through the Christmas lights display at Elfindale.  We had a really good time.  Then, Wil spent the night with us.

Got up this morning and fixed breakfast and then headed to Judy's to help get ready for the day.  Around 12:30, everyone started arriving and before long the house was brimming with family and as usual, it got VERY loud!  I don't know what happens when we all get together, but everyone seems to talk at the same time and the volume just keeps going up!

Lunch was awesome as usual and the crazy gift exchange was as wild as ever!  It's just so much more fun than just drawing names or numbers or whatever!  It ended with the kids dancing to some game on the Kinect and some of the grown ups playing "Logo", a new game Brenden got for Christmas.

Everyone has been gone for an hour or so by now and I am so ready for bed.  I'm pooped!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

My TV Debut!

Ok, so I'm sleeping so soundly, the alarm goes off, I slowly wake up and reach over to shut it off and turn on the TV.  Can you imagine my confusion to hear my own voice?  Coming from the TV??

Let me tell you... it was a little scary!  Especially when I looked up and my FACE was on TV!!!

Enough said... Click on this link and see for yourself.

We made the local news!!!  My interview was last Friday and they were suppose to give me a heads up on when it would air, but they didn't!  So, I was very surprised this morning!

I'm hopeful that we will gain some more volunteers and maybe some help with postage!

Thanks to my friends, Lavon and Becky, I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be.  They were awesome and I'm so glad they got some "airtime", too!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Interesting Night at Pricecutter's

As I'm walking toward the door, I notice a lady walking toward me, fast, but looking behind her. I then notice a guy running out the door yelling STOP. The lady keeps walking but as the guy gets closer to me (and now right in front of me) she throws something down on the drive and runs to a truck, jumps in and starts backing up... a lady stands right behind the truck so it couldn't go anywhere... by then, they guy says she was stealing! The dude driving the truck starts yelling at us (several, including me, had now gathered behind the truck) to move (no, he really wasn't that nice!) The store manager came out and said since she dropped the stuff to let her go. We moved and they took off. She had a $54 bag of crab legs under her jacket! Very weird. They bought us Starbucks for trying to help!
 In hindsight, I'm a little unnerved.  You know, there are truly crazy people in this world.  I guess tonight, I'm very thankful he didn't pull a gun on us or something crazy like that.  I probably need to think before I act next time, huh!  I'm old enough to know better!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Month? Where did THAT go?

I can't believe it's been a month since I last blogged.  I know I've gone longer than that, but I really don't like to.  I actually love blogging.  I noticed my last log was not long after my surgery.  You'd have thought those 3 weeks I was off work would have given me plenty of time to "catch up".  But instead, I just got distracted and dropped the ball!

Well, here goes... my feeble attempt to get "caught up".  Of course, November brought us Thanksgiving.  As in the usual vein, we all went to Jim Bob and Sue's.  But this year was a little different.  We were ALL there!  I think the count was 42!

Here is my group.  I love this picture and can't wait to scrapbook it (which, by the way, I think I am planning to spend New Year's Eve weekend scrapbooking.  It just seems to be the thing to do on a weekend like that!

JR, Devin, Shelly, Me, David, Stacy, Brenden and Trella

And here is our entire group.  I wish I could tag the names because I just don't think labeling is going to work!

As always, we had a great time.  It was so awesome having the whole family together.  Mom and Daddy would have been so proud to see this group.

So, after Thanksgiving, the Christmas shopping began!  All I can say, is THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET!!!  I cannot begin to explain how much I hate shopping.  I hate everything about it!  But, I LOVE Amazon Prime!  I can shop till my fingernails fall off and all my shipping is FREE!!!

And then, the weekend after Christmas brought Devin's 3rd birthday party.  Look at this party animal.  He was so good and had a great time.

Then, the following weekend (last weekend) was my annual HM Christmas Party.  A great bunch of ladies get together at my house for an all day, eat, talk and scrap fest.  And when I say all day, I mean ALL DAY!  They arrive around 8am and stay till almost midnight!  Usually, we have a cookie exchange and a dirty Santa game, but this year we did an ornament exchange.  I was amazed at how much trouble this caused everyone!  In the end it worked out wonderfully, but SOME people really struggled!  Note to self... no more ornament exchanges!

Here's a pic of our group (minus Keli... she had to leave early and we didn't get a pic of all of us, so we are hopeful that Jeanne will get her Photoshopped in!)

Front row: Becky, Judy, Vickie - Back row: Michelle, Me, Brenda, Lavon and Jeanne

NOW that all that is behind me, I am now moving into the weekend of the Lewis Family Christmas.  Stacy, David and the kids will be here Saturday and we will have our big deal on Sunday.  That will move us into the following weekend, which is CHRISTMAS!  My plans are to drive to KC on Friday and to Chanute on Saturday and home on Monday.  Then, New Years Eve/Day weekend should be quiet and alone here at home.

So, now, you are all caught up!  And so am I!  Phew!!!  Happy Holidays!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reconstruction Surgery Done

Last week was just a fiasco.  Finally, I mean finally, my surgery was completed Friday afternoon around 4.  It was fast and uneventful, it just seemed to take forever to get it behind me.  The incision on my nose looks great.  They didn't have to do the flap procedure, which, from what I've since learned, is a good thing!  I go Friday to have the stitches removed...that should be fun!

I can only hope he will release me to sleep in my bed and use my CPAP.  I'm sleeping, but not as good as I need to.  I feel sluggish and I'm sure that is why.

I'm off work this week and I already miss everyone.  But, my nose looks gnarly enough, I'm not ready to be back in public.  I'll probably work from home next week and then with the following 4 day vacation (Thanksgiving), I should get a lot of healing behind me and be ready to go on Monday!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mohs Surgery Done

The Mohs Surgery was completed Tuesday afternoon by Dr. Naugle.  They had to take tissue 3 times before he got clear margins.  Not too bad.  But more exciting for me was the initial numbing process... I didn't feel a thing!  I was so worried about that!  Anyway, with that behind me, I will be proceeding to Dr. Kienstra tomorrow for the reconstruction surgery.  Outpatient at St. Johns under IV sedation.  Should take about 3 or 4 hours and I'll be done and home to heal.  Stitches will come out the following Friday.  I'm anxious to see what he does.  I complete faith in him so I'm not worried.  I know it will take some time for it to heal, but I can do that!  Hopefully, it doesn't look horrible for Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Home Again!

Stacy's surgery went great.  The surgeon didn't see anything that caused him concern.  But she should get the biopsy results back Tuesday just to confirm.  Brenden and Trella flat wore my out!  I think I'm heading to bed in a minute!

I did get the results of my biopsy back.  Yes, it's another basel cell.  I go in Tuesday to have it removed and then will follow up, hopefully the same day, with Dr. Kienstra for the reconstruction.  That word makes me a little nervous, but I have complete faith in him.  I just hope I can sleep tomorrow night!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nice, Clean Carpets!

Carpet cleaners came and did a fabulous job yesterday!  Love the C L E A N feel of newly steamed carpets!  I highly recommend SteamPro in Springfield!  On time, great price and no pressure to do a bunch more stuff.  I WILL use them again!

I started out doing a 2 page layout with Trella and Brenden.  So cute!  But then, my focus turned to my retreats!  I got Fall 2011, Spring 2011 and Fall 2010 done!  8 pages all together!  Doesn't sound like a lot, but it actually is... for me!  I really enjoyed spending some quality time with my "stuff"!

Now, tomorrow, I go to the plastic surgeon to look at my nose.  I have another spot that needs to be looked at.  It's grown and it's bothering me.  Hopefully, it's nothing, but, with my history on THAT nose, I need to make sure.

Then, Thursday night, I'll head to KC to be there for Stacy's surgery Friday morning.  And to spend the weekend there.  I think she will do just fine, but will probably be sore for a few days.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Taking A Break this Weekend

I decided to get my carpets cleaned.  Well, when you do that, you have to be out of the house for a while while they dry.  So, I saw a scrapbook getaway in my future!  That was this past Monday.  I set up the carpet cleaning for today and decided to take off Friday, too.  Judy and I decided we would SCRAPBOOK the weekend away!  It has been great!!!

One little hitch... Wednesday morning, Stacy called and she had found a lump in her breast Tuesday night.  She called the doctor and they got her in at 2:30... did a mammogram and a sonogram.  Found 2 tumors. Set her up for a surgical consult on Friday at 3.  She went to the surgeon yesterday and surgery is set for next Friday at 10.  I'll go up Thursday night and stay the weekend to help around the house.  The surgeon didn't seem concerned about them, just that he was there to get them out!  Pathology will take 4 - 5 days.  We are all remaining confident that this will be a positive outcome.  Those negative thoughts do try to slip in once in a while, but I try really hard to pray them right out!

So, the carpet cleaner should be here around 2, so I'm going to head over to Judy's for a while and work on some pages!  Sure wish I had some Krispee Kreme's!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Life is about to get back to Normal!

I love the Crazy Cropper Retreats.  I love the planning and the organizing and I actually love the packing and loading and unloading (especially with a lot of help from my friends!).  I love the excitement and how much stuff people haul into the room.  I love watching them get all set up and I love getting them registered. And then, I love to just watch them take of and have a great time for 4 whole days! 

But, too soon, Sad Sunday comes.  We have to pack up and say goodbye to each other.  Final pictures, hugs and a few tears.  It's just sad. 

But it's not really until I get home and get unloaded (note that I didn't say unpacked!) that it hits me how tired I am!  And all I do for 3 or 4 days is just wonder aimlessly around the house.  Good thing my laundry is done before I leave or I'd have to wear dirty clothes!!!

But now, it's about a week since unpacking and I'm starting to feel normal. Unpacking done - check.  Recipes done - check.  Retreat pics done - check.  Laundry done - check.  2012 Spring Retreat FULL - check!  WOWSA!!!  What a great month this has been!  And all of the registration forms for Spring are all printed and organized.  Feels good... until someone mentioned Christmas is 2 months from today... WHATTTTTTT!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today's the Day!

I am all packed, my car is loaded (in fact one load has already been taken to the hotel and Becky's vehicle got loaded yesterday) and I'm waiting for Vickie, Lavon and Michelle to get here so we can finish loading up and off we go!  We will be headed to Branson for set up day.  Everyone is so excited and I just can't wait to see all of my wonderful Crazy Croppers tomorrow!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Just got my E2 Anniversary Edition!!!

I am so excited, but I wouldn't have said that earlier!  I got home and the UPS tracking website said my new Cricut was delivered at 12:22 this afternoon... to my porch.  I don't think so!!!  There was nothing on my porch when I got home.  Well, after several phone calls, I finally heard back from the UPS dispatcher here in Springfield (by the way, she works all night and was VERY nice!) She tracked down the driver and learned that he specifically remembered where he dropped it off and after hearing his description, it was clear it wasn't my house!  He finished his deliveries and about 8pm, he showed up on MY porch with MY package!  I was so happy!

I've already unpacked and have it all figured out.  I haven't cut with it yet, but I am totally ready to!  But, I need to get my retreat stuff all done, first... and my taxes.  Dang it!  Back in April, when I was so stressed out about my taxes, I filed for an extension...and then I just forgot about them.  They have to be done by October 15th.  Guess we know what I'll be doing all weekend!  Good thing I've got almost everything done for the retreat!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Retreat Mode

I'm moving into Retreat Mode!  I got a lot done this past weekend but I've still got a lot to do.  But that's okay... that's what Retreats are all about!  Cutting paper for tables tonight!  That's a chore, but so much better to get it done before we get to the hotel.  We've learned that over the years!   In fact, it does seem that things get easier every year.  I'm sure that's because we get more efficient.  Perhaps, it'll get so organized I just might get some stuff done at the retreat!  We shall see!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

There's No Place Like Home!!!

This past Wednesday afternoon, I was feeling so overwhelmed with all the details of the upcoming retreat and what all I needed to do, that I decided to take off Thursday and Friday!  Boy, am I glad I did!  I got a LOT done.  Nothing you can really see, but I feel so much better!  Now, I just need to re-group and figure out what else needs to be done!  It's really nice that so much is done so early... I have over 3 weeks left!  It will be so nice rolling into those last 2 weeks just about done!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where Does Time Go?

It seems the closer I get to the Retreat, the faster time goes.  There is so much to do and I have to plan each night what I need to get done.  Well it seems planning just makes time go by SO fast!  We are exactly 1 month out!  Which is the opening of "RETREAT MODE"!  I get into full blown mode that last week.  Fortunately, I have such great friends who are so willing to help.  Not sure what I'd do without my friends.  They are the BEST!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Eureka Springs

We got here Friday night about 10:00.  Didn't take anytime to get set up, but we were all tired, so beds were made quickly and we were all in bed in no time.

I slept like a baby!  And was up early, as usual, around 5:30.  I hit the coffee button and coffee was made by the time I got my bed all made up and my computer hooked up.  AND, I didn't wake anyone!  No internet, but it was okay.  I really enjoyed just working on the computer some and having my coffee.  It was very peaceful and quiet. 

In a while, the rest of the house (motor home) woke up and we just took our time with breakfast and getting ready.  It was going to be a hot day, so we decided to do our site seeing that day and go shopping on Sunday, when it was going to be in the 70's!  It was a great day and we got back to fix a great dinner, followed by an ice cream run and then back for a movie.

Then today, we got up to a beautiful 72 degrees.  Jim Bob fixed an awesome breakfast, we sat outside and enjoyed coffee and then headed to the showers.  Once we were all cleaned up and ready to go, we headed downtown for a day of shopping.  I found my Keen shoes in Cricut green and slides!  I've been looking for them forever!  SO excited about that.

Then, we came back here for a light lunch, another movie and finally getting on the internet!  Catching up on Facebook and just enjoying the day.  Getting ready for some dinner later on, another ice cream run and another movie "Lincoln Lawyer".

Life is good in the motor home!

We will be heading home in the morning after getting up and heading to Branson for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. 

It's been a great weekend with some much needed R and R! 

I'm actually about ready to get back to the "real world"!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Well, I have decided I need a break!  It has been so crazy with getting ready for the Open House and all the preparations for the Retreat, I decided to take my brother up on his offer to "get away"!!!!!  We are heading to Eureka Springs for the long the motor home!

We're leaving Friday night and will head back home on Monday.  I think it will be so nice to leave it all behind for just a couple of days.  Then, I will be all rejuvinated and ready to dive back in next week!  I'm excited!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

All I can say is WOWSA!

That was the most incredible Open House I have ever held.  I think there were close to 40 people who attended.  I had 30 orders and I think Christy ended up with 4.  I also know there were several who didn't order... so that puts it pretty darn close to 40!  F O R T Y people in my house... at ONCE!!! 

There is absolutely NO way I could have done it without a little help from my friends!  Vickie, Kelli, Becky, Judy, Michelle, Lavon and Christy.  You all served such an important part of a very successful party!  I've said it before and I'll say it again... I have the BESTEST friends EVER!!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Today's my Open House

I am SO excited!  Can't wait to see all my friends and play and talk and eat and laugh!  I hope you can join us!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

T-Shirts for the Fall Retreat

I'm so excited to be able to finally show my T-Shirt designs for the Crazy Cropper Fall Retreat this October!  I think they are adorable and can't wait to make them public to all attendees!  They have been placed on the website for preview and will be sending emails and taking order early next week!  They will be right around $12 each!  Oh, and I'm going to put my logo on the front!  (Not big like this, but small, like over a pocket, except there are no pockets!)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting Ready for Open Hous

Vickie, bless her sweet heart, came over last night and helped me get my house all moved around and organized for my Open House Saturday.  The Cricut board looks amazing and I don't really have that much left to do!  What would we do without friends!  She knew I was getting all stressed out and came to my rescue!

I'm not sure why this one has me on the edge so much.  I think it's because there are just so many changes and I only hope I can remember them all and tell everyone about them. 

And, I think I am going to have quite a crowd here!  At least from the RSVP's that's what it sounds like... we shall see!

Meeting Beth tonight to talk about card swaps for the retreat.  I'm so thankful she is willing to take the lead on that and just run with it!  There has been great response and I think they will have SO much doing it.  I don't have time, but I do love to see all the beautiful cards that are made!  Thanks, Beth!

Gotta run, I just remember something I need to go get done before it slips out of my mind...again!  Have a great day, everyone!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Upcoming Open House

Lyla came up Friday afternoon (oh, and I took the afternoon off and actually got DISH Network installed!) and we went to Prima's for dinner.  Then, we got up Saturday and spent the day at our consultant's meeting.  We made some awesome things from the new products in the 2011 Fall/Winter Idea Book. 

We went to Pasta House for an early dinner and then, we came home and watched "Unstoppable".  GREAT MOVIE!  With Denzil Washington.  Love that man!

Then, Sunday morning, we just lazied around the house... had pecan pancakes for breakfast and watched the Food Network.  She headed home about noon.  Keli came over about 2 and we had such a nice visit and hopefully, she learned ALL about Close to My Heart products!

I slept really hard last night and feel drugged this morning.  I've been fighting a slight headache since Friday, and after listening to the weather, it sounds like we could have some weather going on today!  Probably just sinuses!  But, I sure wish it would go away... it's making me cranky!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Retreat and Open House Amp'ing UP!

Tomorrow will be fun, too!  I'm getting satellite installed!  DISH!  Maybe I'll stop going blind watching snowy TV!

And Lyla will be here tomorrow night.  We will be getting ready for our Team meeting at Christina's on Saturday.  That will be fun... lots of stuff to make.

Then Sunday, Keli and Jeanne are coming over to try to learn more about CTMH.  Keli is joining out hostess club and is very excited!

Then, next Saturday is my Open House.  I'm expecting quite a crowd!  We shall see.  I actually think I may be getting close to being ready (thanks, Vickie, for being my sounding board last night!)

THEN, in less than 2 months is the Fall Retreat!  And things are getting pretty dang busy with that, too!

Oh, and I have a new assistant starting next Thursday, so that should help at work... once she gets trained!

Phew... now I'm tired!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yes, Lavon... I DO have things to say!

Lavon, you cracked me up SO much with your comment on the prior post that I had to feature it here!  You know me SO well!  You know I ALWAYS have SO much to say!  BUT... I have been so dang busy lately, I have NOT HAD TIME TO SAY ANYTHING!

So... here is my LIST of things I need/want to say.
  1. My day job is kicking my butt.
  2. I get home at night and I'm worn out!
  3. The new Cricut Cartridge is kicking my butt, too!
  4. And when I get home at night, I play with it all night, so I'm even more worn out!
  5. My Open House is coming at me like a freight train!
  6. Did I say my day job is kickin' my butt?
  7. Finally the heat is gone, so maybe I will find some energy.
  8. Bachelorette was great this year and Bachelor Pad is quite entertaining, but it takes up ALL Monday nights.
  9. Big Brother is my fav, but it takes up THREE nights.
  10. Why won't my house clean itself?  I don't get it.  I'm the only one here... why does it get dirty?
  11. Summer is almost gone and I have NOTHING to show for it... not ONE sunburn.
  12. Did I say my day job is kickin' my butt.... oh, I think I did!
  13. Oh, AND the RETREAT is coming at me, too!!!  But that is SO much fun!  Would you believe ALL of the prizes are done?  Thanks, Vickie!
  14. I simply must clean off this desk... paperwork is OUT of control!
Ok, I think that's all for tonight... Big Brother is coming on in a bit and I need to finish cleaning up the kitchen... Manwiches and Multigrain Tostito Scoops... can you say YUM?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lovin' the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge

Judy and I have been playing every night this week with this new cartridge!  I can't believe what all you can do with it.  And as a Cricut teacher, that's saying a lot because I've done a lot with Cricut cartridges over the years!  Woohoo!  Off to do more!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

What a Week!

And it's already Sunday and time to start all over again!

But, so far, it's been a great weekend.  Judy and I went to the fair Friday night.  That was so much fun.  The weather was awesome and we had a funnel cake!  It doesn't get much better than that!  Then, we met up with Vickie and Robert in the E-Plex.  I got to meet Vickie's mom and Aunt (Pam and Tammie's mom).  They are awesome!

Then, yesterday, we played all day making cards and cutting stuff on the Cricut.  Just plain old no-brainer type of stuff!

We tried to mow last night, but the battery was still dead on the mower, so we put it on the charger all night and hopefully will be able to finish up today.  And maybe I'll clean house a bit... maybe.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sundays are the Best!

Well, I got home last night around 5 and I was in bed and asleep by 9.  What a week.

Thursday night, I finally finished the DVD for Dave's funeral.  It fought me all the way, but it turned out so well.  And the family loved it. 

Got up Friday morning and headed to Miami to Aunt Gracie's funeral.  We have a family lunch at 12:30 and as usual, I so enjoyed spending time with family.  What an awesome bunch!  The funeral was at 3 and it was wonderful.  There were some tears, but there were many more smiles and laughs.  It was truly a celebration of life.  By 4 or so, Stacy and Brenden and I were headed to KC.  They took me back to my car in Joplin and we met in Nevada for dinner.  Then Brenden hopped in the car with me and talked all the way home.  Love that kid.  I didn't sleep well at all, but was up at 6:30.

David and Stacy left shortly after that and I got the kids fed, cleaned up and ready to go to Dave's funeral.  We needed to be there by 10, which we were.  Miss Trella was just an angel.  Her mom told her she wanted her to act like she was 10... and she sure did.  The visitation was from 10 to 12 and the funeral from 12 to 1.  It was a wonderful service... very, very sad, but beautiful.  Jim Bob and Sue as well as Jami and Mike sat with me.  Shelly ran the video of the speakers and did a great job.  Then, around 1:30, after the flag ceremony and taps, everyone broke up and we headed to Applebee's for lunch and then home.

I was so glad to be home. 

I'm tired today, but absolutely nothing is on my plate, so I am doing nothing today...which I really need!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Carroll Girls are Reunited

So, little did I know, but as I was posting last night, my sweet Aunt Gracie was on her way to be with her sisters in their heavenly home. She was 106 years old!  And lived an amazing life!  But the reunion that was going on last night way even more amazing!  
This is a picture that was taken over 20 years ago.  These girls were something else.  From left to right... Gracie (Gracie Mae)... the oldest was the last to depart this world.  Ethel (Shote)... matriarch of the Wichita bunch.  Beulah (Piddler)... the aunt from California.  Goldie...the quiet one.  Trella (Curly)... my mom, and the most special one to me.

Those nicknames were pinned on them by their dad many many years ago.  I know Aunt Goldie had one, too, but I just can't remember it this morning!  Actually, I hope I have the others right!

 She was so ready and went very peacefully and didn't wait for no one!  Love you Aunt Gracie, please give my mom and hug and tell her Hi and that I love her.

Monday, July 18, 2011

I am just really tired...

It was a very busy weekend.  I went to Bella Vista Arkansas and spent the weekend with some sweet friends.  We scrapbooked and ate and laughed and talked the entire time I was there.  I just love my friends.  I have been so blessed with some very, very special ones.  Thanks Sheila and Susan!

I do have some sad news, though.  My son-in-law lost his step-dad last evening.  He was such a great guy with a great big personality.  He was so good to my daughter and grandson and he was a wonderful grandpa to my granddaughter.  He will be missed by many people. You were one of the good ones, Dave Dickey.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look What I Did!

Well, I didn't get but a couple of pages of Daddy's album done, but I did get my words finished.  I had been debating on what I wanted on each side of my saying and finally, I decided.  Not completely sure about them being different, but I'll see if it will grow on me and if not, I'll change it!  That's the beauty of vinyl!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Today!

I just came in from watering all the plants and flowers on our patio.  It is absolutely beautiful out there!  The birds were singing and I swear I heard the flowers say THANKS for a drink!  It's suppose to get really hot today (like up to 100!), but I don't care, I'm going to be inside scrappin' with my peeps!  I hope to get a lot done.  I actually feel motivated today.  I need to go get my clothes on and get myself started... at least getting organized.

Will I work on Daddy's album or a few pages for the grandkids.?  Hmmm.... we shall see.  I'm inclined to do both!  But, I know that's not even possible.... or is it?

Check back later to see!  Hopefully, I get SOMETHING done!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It Was a Great 4th!

We had such a great time yesterday and Jim Bob and Sue's.  It was hot, but not as hot as the prior few days.  Wil decided to go with us and he is always pure entertainment!

Judy stackin' the cans!
Jim Bob stackin' the cans!
Trella singing "Firecracker" by Katie Perry (with a little help from her friend, Bianca!)
Pool Time!
The elder Lewis Siblings...on the Harley!

Who is telling who all about it?
Will is in HOG HEAVEN right now!

We got there about noon and in usual form, Sue had more food than sense.  And it wasn't long before the games began!  And then, talent contest and then pool time.  And then, Jim Bob got out the Harley!  Just an all around great day!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Grandkids Bird Feeders

Well, I finally got the bird feeders sealed and hung today!  
They are adorable!

The new bird feeders hung with the old birdhouse.

Devin's bird feeder.

Trella's bird feeder.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

As I've gotten older, I care less about all the fireworks.  Went to bed last night and had to really work at not getting mad!  There were some LOUD fireworks going off and we even lighting up my bedroom!  We are so dry that I was actually worried about one landing on my roof or in the yard and starting a fire.  Is that a sign of getting old? I'm afraid so!

Busy day ahead... Cricut classes from 10 to 3 here at the house, which is my favorite place to do them!  I don't have to haul stuff anywhere and it's just more comfortable.  It's a class of 4, which is what I call a PERFECT class!  Should be fun!

Then, tomorrow, is a day of do-nothing.  NOTHING.  Home, with house clean... too hot to work outside... NOTHING!  Maybe I'll work on my scrapbook stuff.  I've been saying that, so I may have just jinxed myself, but it would be fun.

THEN... Monday, we are heading to Jim and Sue's for the day.  Can't wait.

Ahhh.... 3 day weekend... LOVE IT!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Great Weekend!

Shelly, Devin and Trella visited this past weekend.  We had a blast, but this ole Granny is WORE OUT!  Here's just a couple of pics of good times!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Red Lawn Furniture

I just had to show it here!  I LOVE it! And it makes the backyard look so HAPPY!

And look how nice the patio looks!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What a Beautiful Weekend!

First, that nerve my foot doc hit is giving me fits!  At least it doesn't hurt, just some weird electrical shocking feeling when I move my foot a certain way... crazy.

Yesterday was a great day!  Judy was feeling better and we spent the morning outside.  I took down a 12 ft redbud tree with a handsaw!  And we trimmed up some other trees and put down weed killer on the patio and gazebo areas.  Then, we were off shopping for a bit.  We were both worn out by 1pm, so we came home and napped! 

Today, I've already been out to the backyard and I have 3 of the 4 lawn chairs spray painted (a gorgeous red!) as well as the table.  Ran out of paint, but just got back from getting more!  Gonna go get those done before the heat chases me back inside.  When that happens, I hope to get some work done in the house. 

Geez, it truly feels like its never done! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stupid Foot

I had my last follow up appointment with the foot doc Tuesday and he get me the last of the series on injections in my calf (and solius, whatever THAT is!).  Well this time was fun...NOT!  On the last of the shots, he hit a shot straight down to my heel and felt like a lightening bolt shot out my foot!  It wasn't really bad, it just shouldn't have done that since it was NUMB!  He immediately started adding additional numbing meds and told me it would be angry when it woke up and to keep it up and iced off and on for 24 hours.  Boy, was he right... it was MAD!  It woke up before I went to bed and I slept fine, however, when I got up, it was so sore!  But before long, it started feeling better and I realized I could actually go UP steps!  I need to take it slow because I don't want to get it all worked up again, but it's good to know its working!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Croppin for Joplin and Update on my Sister

I was up and on the go early Friday morning hauling stuff to Republic to set up for Croppin for Joplin!  When I got up, I was so glad I took the time Thursday night to go through stuff and pack the car so all I had to do Friday morning was get up and go!  Well, I got there by about 9 and in no time, the "team" started showing up.  We had that room ready to go by about 11am.  It was amazing... NO, what was amazing was what was to come!

I had to leave about 3 to head to Judy's doctor's appointment.  That went well... we found out what she doesn't have... cancer.  Such a relief, but they really don't know what it actually is.  A few more tests should help, but they may not.  He actually said they may never know.  We all just want her to feel better.

After the appointment, it was back to Republic for me!  When I got there, several ladies had arrived and it was time to "get the party started".  We had an awesome dinner and people were slowing getting there.  I was so tired that I left about 10pm.  Got back about 7 Saturday morning to a really thin crowd!  I do love those mornings at crops and retreats.  There aren't many people there, it's peaceful and those who are there are usually half asleep and quiet!  But, it doesn't take long to get the crowd building and the noise rising!  We gave away a ton of prizes and Debbie Goosey won the grand prize and was thrilled!

The Silent Auction went very well... all in all, we raised right at $5,000!  Isn't that amazing!

Then, yesterday, I vegged out ALL day!  I mowed in the morning but the rest of the day was pretty wasted and it was awesome!  Oh, I did get my car unloaded!  Wow!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8th

Well, it's been a busy week, but it's nice to have the conference behind me.  Such a relief to be done, now on to re-capping and paying the bills and then, starting on next year!!!

But first, Friday is the first day of our 30 hour Croppin for Joplin Fundraising Crop.  I think we have all the details worked out.  We just keep getting more and more silent auction items and I can't wait to see how that all works out!  It's going to be AWESOME! I hope we can raise a ton of money.  This past Sunday, Judy and I drove to Joplin and (maybe I already blogged this, I've already forgotten!) it was beyond words.  I'm not sure I will ever forget it.  And it will take them a very long time to recover and rebuild.

Judy had her CT guided needle biopsy yesterday and we are hoping to hear some news Friday.  We are going to meet with the doctor and get his diagnosis and direction.  I just want them to make her feel better.  And for her to stop losing weight and start eating again and not be so tired.  I really don't think that is all that much to ask.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Conference was a Success!

Our 2011 16th Annual Training Conference is now in the history books.  We had a great turnout and it was another success.  I can hardly believe we have done 16 of these things.  They just keep getting bigger and better every year.  It was SO hot at this golf course Saturday, but we made it through!

In the middle of all of that, Judy was going through more tests.  I just wish she could get some answers.  Hopefully today will be an answer day.  However, she does have one more test tomorrow (one more that we know of).  Then, maybe they will figure this out and get her on the road to healing.

She and I drove down to Joplin yesterday.  That is indescribable.  There are truly no words for the devastation that has happened there.  I know there are pictures that TRY to show it, but pictures cannot show the depth of damage.  It was sureal and I have to say that I was saddened and disturbed by it by the time I got home.

Well, this week will be busy as well.  Croppin for Joplin will begin Friday night.  We sure hope to raise a lot of money for Convoy of Hope to benefit the Tornado Victims. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Crazy Week!

My last post was Sunday, May 22nd at 7:11am.  The day started out so nice.  Judy and I worked out in the yard all morning and then fixed hamburgers on the grill for  lunch.  She headed in to get ready to go Megan's dance thing and I headed out to find new pillows for my swing out back.  I love the way I changed around the furniture.  About 5, I came on inside and started getting laundry started and finishing up that "weekend to-do" list.  Well, TV was on and we started getting breaks in the show alerting everyone to the impending weather over in Joplin.  About 5:30, all hell broke lose.  A massive tornado hit Joplin, beginning with St. John's Hospital.  Early reports were that it took a direct hit... later, it was devastated... then, the tornado was on the ground and was massive... then, they were talking about a debris ball. Lisa came over and said "we're all headed to Sarah and Dale's".  I had such a funny feeling about it... I packed up my computer, my external hard drive, medicine and socks and headed out front, not knowing if I'd come back to my house like I left it.  I was so fortunate because we got nothing.  However, Joplin was not so fortunate.  Damage reports started rolling in... devastating damage... fatalities... semi's overturned on I-44... city shut down.  By morning, the news (local and national) was consumed with photos and interviews and death counts and missing people and businesses gone.  By Tuesday night, I felt so helpless.  I wanted to do something for those poor people, but what could I do... just one person.  Someone made a comment to me on Facebook (Janette, i will never forget) and suggested that someone should do a fundraiser crop, hint, hint.  It was like a rocket went off in my brain... well, as of right now, I have a steering committee of 12 people, a 30 hour crop planned for June 10 and 11, 30 some people already signed up, more prizes and auction items donated that what we know what to do with right now... a venue (donated)... food (donated) and a goal of $10,000 set.  And 2 weeks to make it happen.  And I know it will.  I am ready and my team is ready.  Next week is my big conference, but I'll be totally available by email and Keli is keeping track of the registrations and all is good.  Crazy, but good.  I'll update next week!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Crazy Week!

It's been one of those weeks that you start out on Monday and you look up and Monday is tomorrow! 

We've been so busy with June Event stuff that every day at work is just a whirlwind.  Judy has been going through some medical tests and that's not going as well as we had hoped.  On Tuesday, she has a Bone Marrow Biopsy to see what is going on with her.  She has been tired, anemic and feeling just generally crappy.  Well those tests results came back and they weren't conclusive so they had to run more... Friday brought a CT scan of her torso.  And there, they found a 3 cm mass in her left lung with one left hylar lymph node enlarged.  She asked the doctor if it was malignant and she suspected it was, however, she referred her to a pulmonologist and has an appointment tomorrow... for further tests and evaluation.  We shall see.

Well, needless to say, Friday night was kind of crappy around here.  Friday was my birthday, which was fun at work and John came up and took me to dinner Friday night.  When I got home, Sarah, Megan and Ben were over at her house and everyone seemed down, of course.  So, at one point, I leaned over to Judy and said, I have plans for tomorrow... after we go to Panera (she had promised me bagels for my birthday), let's blow this popsicle stand and head to Downstream!  She said YES!

So, yesterday morning, she came over for her morning coffee and to watch the scrapbook show.  After it was over, she said "you really wanna go?"  Well, of course, Eunice!!!  So we got ready and headed that way!  In the meantime, I posted our adventure on Facebook and 3 of our cousins met us there.  We were having so much fun... Judy and I were hanging out at these 2 machines and I was winning a little and losing a little and she was concerned that we weren't being very social.  I said don't worry about it, we can all break in a little bit and have lunch together. 

 The machine we were playing on was one you could switch from a penny to a nickel to a dime to a quarter.  We were laughing and changing the bet depending on what we had done... just being silly... she had JUST changed to a quarter and pulled... TRIPLE RED SEVENS!!!

She had to go out to the car and get her ID!  We didn't even think about winning anything to need that!  So, afterwards, she took all of us to lunch and we laughed and talked and had a great time!

Gerald Dene and Lois Gene left a little bit after lunch and then Phyllis Ann left a little bit after they did.  Judy and I stayed until almost 5:30!  We headed to Joplin and grabbed dinner at Applebees and then to Michael's, where we couldn't find a thing to buy and headed home.  Got back here around 8:30 and we were both POOPED OUT!  I crawled in bed about 9:15 and was asleep in 5 minutes.

What a FUN day we had.  Oh, and the world didn't come to an end like some were saying it was going to ;>)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lazy, Lazy Day

I can honestly say I did less than nothing today!  And it felt SO good!  Last week was crazy and I was exhausted every single night.  Yesterday was busy with OWH and today, I decided to simply rejuvenate.  I made a pot of coffee, made my bed, did one load of laundry, made 2 cards and watched 3 movies while laying on the couch!  You'd think I would be rested, but NO!  I'm ready to go lay down and watch MORE TV!  Hopefully tomorrow, I'll be ready to hit the ground running!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Operation Write Home Today!

Operation Write Home is today.  We are moving to a new venue, Pasta Express.  The room is bigger and I think it is going to be awesome!  I'm hoping for a nice size group, but I'm not so sure.  I can only count about 10 in my head.  It's been a rough week fo a lot of people, so I just don't know how that will affect the attendance.  Regardless, we will have a great time making cards for such a great organization.

Judy's birthday was yesterday, but bless her heart, she had to have an upper EGD and a colonoscopy.  I checked in on her late afternoon and she said she was hungry!  Which was great!  I stopped and got her a birthday cake and a hamburger from Steak n Shake and French Fries from McDonalds.  While I was in line at McD's, she called and said that Sarah and Lisa had just run to Steak n Shake to get food for them and the kids.... it ended up being a Birthday Party!  We had a good time but left a little early so she could get some rest.  Hopefully, her birthday wasn't a total bust!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day 2011!

What a beautiful day we have today to celebrate Mother's Day!  Judy and I just got back from a day full of shopping!  We've got a whole big wagon full of flowers to plant out back. And now, we are too tired to plant them!  Is that a sign of getting old or WHAT!  Kind of makes me laugh!

I hope every Mother I know is having a great day and doing just what they want to do today.  I hope they are being pampered and spoiled, because we mom's deserve it!

I wish my mom were here to spend some time with.  She would love planting stuff with us and she would love this weather.  It's been 12 years and I still miss her like crazy.  Love you mom.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rumbling Thunder....

There is just something about waking up to rumbling thunder that just makes you want to stay in bed, isn't there!  But then, I think... I would SO enjoy being up and awake listening to it.  I really do love the sound of the rain and the thunder and lightening (as long as there aren't any BAD storms coming!). 

So, now I'm up and awake and the storms are just about done.  What a great start to a Saturday!  Hopefully by afternoon it will dry out and we can mow!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Yesterday was my Trella's 5th birthday!  She turned 5 on 5-5!  Cool, huh!  Here's my sweet girl  I just can't believe how she is growing up!  I know that happens, but I can't believe she's so grown up and so beautiful!

Well, Lavon's daughter is getting better everyday.  She was one lucky lady!  Her main injury appears to be the tissue damage all over her body.  She is going to have to have some plastic surgery.  It was amazing she came through that as well as she did.

Sunday is Mother's Day!  Happy Mother's Day to all!  I sure miss my mom.  I'm going to have to get out there and find a wonderful picture of her and get her on here!  I'll do that tonight!