Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reconstruction Surgery Done

Last week was just a fiasco.  Finally, I mean finally, my surgery was completed Friday afternoon around 4.  It was fast and uneventful, it just seemed to take forever to get it behind me.  The incision on my nose looks great.  They didn't have to do the flap procedure, which, from what I've since learned, is a good thing!  I go Friday to have the stitches removed...that should be fun!

I can only hope he will release me to sleep in my bed and use my CPAP.  I'm sleeping, but not as good as I need to.  I feel sluggish and I'm sure that is why.

I'm off work this week and I already miss everyone.  But, my nose looks gnarly enough, I'm not ready to be back in public.  I'll probably work from home next week and then with the following 4 day vacation (Thanksgiving), I should get a lot of healing behind me and be ready to go on Monday!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mohs Surgery Done

The Mohs Surgery was completed Tuesday afternoon by Dr. Naugle.  They had to take tissue 3 times before he got clear margins.  Not too bad.  But more exciting for me was the initial numbing process... I didn't feel a thing!  I was so worried about that!  Anyway, with that behind me, I will be proceeding to Dr. Kienstra tomorrow for the reconstruction surgery.  Outpatient at St. Johns under IV sedation.  Should take about 3 or 4 hours and I'll be done and home to heal.  Stitches will come out the following Friday.  I'm anxious to see what he does.  I complete faith in him so I'm not worried.  I know it will take some time for it to heal, but I can do that!  Hopefully, it doesn't look horrible for Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Home Again!

Stacy's surgery went great.  The surgeon didn't see anything that caused him concern.  But she should get the biopsy results back Tuesday just to confirm.  Brenden and Trella flat wore my out!  I think I'm heading to bed in a minute!

I did get the results of my biopsy back.  Yes, it's another basel cell.  I go in Tuesday to have it removed and then will follow up, hopefully the same day, with Dr. Kienstra for the reconstruction.  That word makes me a little nervous, but I have complete faith in him.  I just hope I can sleep tomorrow night!