Thursday, February 16, 2012

Busy Day!

I took today as vacation.  The new cleaning lady came and I wanted to be here to meet her.  That is certainly something that is so unnecessary, but SO nice.  I love being in a clean house, I just HATE to clean it.  I just have so many other things that need my attention.  SO... I am not going to feel guilty.  I'm not.  Really.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Ordered a Kindle

While I love listening to books in my car, I am missing that "reading" that I used to do.  The downtime, quiet time and just relaxing time you get from sitting down and reading page by page and word by word.  I do too much multi-tasking the way it is... I need focus time.  I didn't go crazy and get the Kindle Fire, although I did contemplate that... the color and web browsing was very tempting, BUT, I refrained and got it for what I originally wanted it for... READING!  Besides, one person who owns a desktop, 2 laptops, a netbook AND an iPhone, doesn't need another "web-browsing" device!!!

So, I'm excited... since I'm a Amazon Prime member, I have access to the free lending library AND I can get books from the library.  It's all good!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Well...can't totally blame it on Pinterest!

While I do spend a lot of time on Pinterest, I can't totally blame it for me not posting in a while!

We had our consultant's retreat in Branson a few weeks ago, then I started planning this Girl Scout fundraiser crop, then I got involved in making drapes for a friend at work, then I had an OWH party, then I got busy getting ready for my Open House this coming weekend. WHAT is WRONG with ME!!! 

I really need some down time... D O W N T I M E is what I NEED!  I guess I can do that when I get all of this stuff done!

Phew.  For now, I'm getting ready to go to bed!  Night!