Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

What an awesome weekend!  Judy and I just messed around all weekend.  We were up at 6 each morning and enjoyed coffee and breakfast on the patio.  Shortly after getting our coffee fix, we found ourselves working in the back yard while it was still cool.  We planted and cleaned up the patio.  I moved furniture around and got everything just like I wanted it.  After the coolness started passing, but before the heat of the day hit, we went shopping!  To Michael's for scrapbook stuff, Lowes and Teal Greenhouse for plants, Hobby Lobby for cute stuff for outside and lunch here and there.  Then back home and inside during the heat of the day for 3 wonderfully creative days of cardmaking.  Pinterest and Dotty for You was our best friends!  Then, as the evening approached, and the patio got shaded, we moved outside to grilling for dinner and finishing the patio.  We even got the old lawnmower sold! VERY productive weekend!  YEAH FOR US!!!  I'd put some pictures up, but they are on my phone and I haven't sent them to myself yet.  But, they are on Facebook!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Love this Spring Weather!

Yesterday was the absolute perfect day.  High was low 70's.  Nice breeze.  Even the pollen count seemed low (at least the stuff that bothers my sinuses!).  It was Mother's Day and I spent the day doing just what I wanted.  Nothing big.  Just messed around the house... sheets changed, yard mowed and trimmed, read a little, watched a little TV, worked a little in my scrapbook room and fixed myself a wonderful dinner!  Filet on the grill along with a stuffed shiratake mushroom and corn on the cob.  YUMMM!  I was in no hurry all day and not once felt stressed!  How awesome is THAT!

So, I'm heading back to work today, relaxed and ready to conquer the week!  I might just take off Friday to give myself a nice 3 day weekend.  OWH is Saturday, so that would be nice to have the day before and afterwards to relax... some more!  I can get used to this!