Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Weekends Just Go TOO Fast!

Classes in Joplin went GREAT yesterday!  It was a full house for all three.  I was so worried about the Gypsy class, but it was fantastic!  I had done a Powerpoint and then, I showed a couple of youtube videos from ProvoCraft.  I think everyone enjoyed it.  It was definitely one of the quietest classes I've ever done.  If you can imagine a group of ladies, heads down, concentrating on that little device that makes no noise while you are working on it... well, you get the picture!  The greatest thing was the fact that when we got there, the majority of the class didn't even know how to turn the thing on!  Seriously!  I love groups like that because I just look SO smart!  By the time we were done, they were putting together letters and welding them!  YeeHaw!

It was a long day, though.  I left here a little before 8 and drove to Joplin.  Classes ran until 5:30 or so and then  several of us sat around and chatted.  I didn't get loaded up and out of there til close to 6:30.  Stopped at Lane Bryant and grabbed some dinner at Schlotsky's and got home close to 8.  I was exhausted!  And was in bed by 8:30.  I played on my DS til John called at 10.  And then, I slept until 7 this morning!  Which is a LONG time for me!

Judy has already been over for coffee and has gone home... so, I'm trying to decide what to put on my plate today.

Gotta get
  • the order for the T-shirts done
  • the Close to My Heart order input
  • the Tombow orders put together and ordered
  • OWH kits made
  • Taxes worked on some more
  • my house worked on... it's been neglected so badly lately!
  • laundry going so I'll have clothes to wear tomorrow!
  • go look at the mower we are buying
  • stuff put away from yesterday

ok, I'm already tired again!  OH, and it's supposed to be beautiful outside today, so, I'd love to be able to get out there and do something!

Check back tomorrow to see my progress! (this really is my to do list and a great place to keep track of it!)


  1. Wow you had quite the day yesterday and by looking at your today list for today, it will be quite a day too. So glad you had a full house for all your classes in Joplin, that's great! Did I see where you were teaching one in Blue Eye later this month too? You are a woman on the go. Good luck on your to do list.

    Vickie M.

  2. Next Sunday is the Blue Eye class! Not sure that will happen though... last look, we only had 4 and I need 10 to make that trip worth while!

    I am trying so hard to get motivated! It's 9am and I just got my clothes on and my bed made! I better get cranking and get off this computer!

  3. So glad your day at Joplin was good. After reading your to-do list for today I am tired. Hope you get a lot of it done and still be able to get outside and enjoy the day.